Careful but steady growth has allowed Homer to survive, and thrive, over the past three decades. Conservative by nature, we make sure to provide our clients the highest quality work while at the same time having an open and honest dialogue about the intricacies of each individual project.

Homer is in the business of building relationships and will stand by our work long after your project is completed.



While most construction firms outsource their labor, Homer Contracting has the ability to self perform in five key trades. These include our original trade, painting, as well as carpentry, masonry, waterproofing, and general labor.

This allows us to have a better knowledge of the work, which in the end greatly benefits the client by: providing more accurate estimates, offering on-site solutions to the unknowns that accompany every project, and guaranteeing a high level of quality whether we are self-performing or subcontracting the work.


Homer Contracting is a collaborative, family owned, and close-knit firm.  The majority of our project managers, supervisors, and field personnel have worked together for at least five years and some for almost twenty-five.

Our trust in each other inspires open communication with owners, architects, and subcontractors which results in efficient problem solving, and most of all, the development of long-lasting relationships.

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